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Enpario Hall Schools

Enpario Hall Schools is a place with deep commitment to learning, an environment that nourishes the intellectual, moral, emotional, and social growth of every child. It is a place where pupils, teachers, and parents embark together on an academic journey with clear and well-defined objectives...

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  • Broad Based Curriculum with International Standard
  • Qualified, Experienced and Friendly Educators / Care Givers
  • Well Resourced, fully Air Conditioned & Child Friendly Classrooms
  • Safe, Clean & Stimulating Environment
  • Art & Creativity Center
  • Virtual Learning Center
  • Equipped Diction Center

  • Equipped Music Center
  • Baby Friendly Creche
  • Etiquette Center
  • Easy Accessibility
  • 24/7 Security Surveillance with CCTV
  • Fully Air Conditioned School Buses