1. Hail! Hail! Enpario Hall Schools, oh yes we are gifts of God, In Gods wisdom our hopes and dreams begin, Fulfilling our destiny together we will strive.

Chorus:- E H S Enpario Hall Schools, diligence and obedience we stand Source of hope and confidence, confidence is the key to go far, We’ll achieve our goals because we know we can Join hands with us let’s build our nation.

2. God of compassion we pray thee, our moto is modelling excellence, Kindly bless Enpario Hall Schools, as we aim for the top at all times.


I pledge to Enpario Hall Schools that at all times I will be a light and shining examples to others,

I shall be a true ambassador of my school in setting her standards

I shall promote the ideals of the school, be true to myself, follow my dreams and always do my best So help me God.