Enpario Hall Schools is a place with deep commitment to learning, an environment that nourishes the intellectual, moral, emotional, and social growth of every child. It is a place where pupils, teachers, and parents embark together on an academic journey with clear and well-defined objectives. It is filled with the joy of discovery and the excitement of academic growth.

We get to know each child, including their interests and passion and what lights their intellectual fire. Their interest are engaged with programs involving well-rounded developmental and academic activities which challenge them to higher standard and reach for excellence in all aspects of life. They are prepared intellectually with habit of constant learning and recreational activities for sound judgment and well-being.


To nurture next generation leaders for high moral and academic standard.


To provide a stimulating and educationally sound environment that creates the desire and motivation for all to learn, with great focus on high moral and academic standard, nurturing next generation leaders through praise and acknowledgment of effort and success, developing good relationships between children, parents, teachers and the society at large.


  • EExcellence
  • NNurture
  • PPassionate
  • AArticulate
  • RRespect
  • IInnovative
  • OObjective


We provide our pupils a stimulating, safe, healthy, happy, creative, inspiring and secured environment, where quality teaching and learning go on and everyone feels loved, welcomed and valued. Our philosophy is to produce total children who are equipped with cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills to become all they can be and fit into the globally competitive world of the 21st century. We are not averse to any religion but uphold very high moral values and academic standard at all times to ensure that our pupils are formed to be responsible individuals.


We run a broad and balanced curriculum of Nigerian, British and Montessori (for our pre-schoolers) to enable our pupils reach their potential. We are not unmindful of the fact that our children bring with them a wealth of different strengths, experience, interests and needs. For this reason, we give them every support they need in their regular class activities and through extra remedial support and intervention as required.

Because we produce holistic/total children, co-curricular activities are given a very important place in our school. Through our excellent facilities, Music, sporting activities, leadership opportunities, clubs, excursions, Art & Cultural Day, Book Week, Debate and Quiz and a whole lot of other activities form part of the experience our pupils go through to make them confident and independent products of the school.